Knowing Your Client's Fetish and How To Deal With It

Different people have their own fetishes, particularly for regular clients of Leigh escorts. As escorts, it is their role to be able to know the fetishes of your clients. Thus, here are a number of fetishes that cheap Leigh escorts will be able to encounter with their clients.


This type of fetish is related to the sexual attraction of a person to figurative things, such as a doll, statue or mannequin, among other stuff. The said attraction may involve sexual or non-sexual encounters with the object involved. Likewise, it may involve fantasies about realism. In this case, when Leigh cheap escorts are hired, the client would basically ask the escort to play a special role for the evening. As a matter of fact, other clients would bring the doll to the appointment area so that they can perform a threesome.

Using Masks

In some cases, an escort in Leigh is required to wear masks or blindfolds in order to make the client aroused when in the act of having sex. They believe that it would provide them with sexual pleasure as well as stronger orgasm than any other method of sexual intimacy. However, it is the prerogative of the escort Leigh to refuse when she is not interested. Take note that some would seem like a way of making the escort more aroused, but it could also cause the escort to doubt the purpose. Thus, it is important that clients need to explain the activity in order to avoid confusion.


One of the most common fetishes for clients to think about is the art of fisting. Basically, it involves the insertion of a hand, fist, or forearm into the female organ. This type of activity is popular among porn stars as well professionals in the adult industry. It is however advised that people who is going to do fisting is to have proper lubrication. Likewise, it is important that clients have to do it cautiously in order to avoid any health concerns. Air embolism, lacerations, or vaginal tear are often the result of unlubricated approach. If you are going to hire a Leigh escort, make sure that you are going to have proper care. Fetishes are okay, but it should also be in accordance with the consent of the escort you are going to hire.

Foot Fetishes
Another fetish that you may already be aware of is focused on the capacity of the foot to bring pleasure. This also involves foot worshipping, such as the acts of licking, sucking, and massaging of the feet.